Best Minecraft bedrock seed of 1.14.1 - Exposed stronghold with three villages and diamonds

This is one of the best Minecraft bedrock seeds of 1.14.1 by a large margin. Players start right next to a village with a giant fissure which has an exposed stronghold in it! Not only that, there are two other villages and a desert temple in this Minecraft bedrock seed. A little further away is a pillager outpost. Also there's a hidden mineshaft and a ton of monster spawners in there. Not only all of this but there's a desert temple near the third village and it has three diamonds in it!

The seed is: 1871848972

Here are all the coordinates. The first village is X900 by Z130 and that's where the stronghold can be found. The second village can be found at X550 by Z70. There's a pillager outpost at X325 by Z-520. There's a fissure that leads to a massive mineshaft with multiple monster spawners at X625 by Z-570. The desert temple that has diamonds and saddles in it can be found at X715 by Z-375. The third village can be found at X925 by Z-330. Finally the two beehives can be found around X1125 by Z-230.

Most importantly, the end portal of the stronghold can be found at X935 by Z122. This is definitely one of the best Minecraft seeds

It's crazy to find a Minecraft bedrock seed with so many amazing features. There are three villages in view of each other, an exposed stronghold in one of the villages, a pillager outpost just out of view, a desert temple with three diamonds and multiple saddles, an exposed mineshaft that leads to many monster spawners, two beehives, horses, and even ocean ice spikes. There's so much to do in this Minecraft seed it's insane. 

There are horses, but also saddles in the desert temple. We haven't even checked the loot from the villages, who knows what else could be found. Beehives are actually absurdly rare which made it crazy to find two right in sight of each other. The mineshaft which is near the desert temple has so much loot in it, it's crazy. This is truly one of the most epic and amazing seeds, definitely one of the best Minecraft seeds.