Minecraft above water ocean ruins island bedrock seed 1.14.1

Here we have a peculilar Minecraft bedrock seed. Players start on a barren island near a mesa. A very short distance away is another barren island but this time with an ocean ruins on it! These are normally found at the bottom of the ocean so it's very interesting to see one that's not only above land, but placed on top of an island in such a way as to look natural.

The seed is: 4444

The coordinates of the ocean ruins is X230 by Z-190. Players actually start on one of the islands in the backdrop from the screenshot above. The starting island has no trees but is right next to another small island with a bunch of trees. This is a pretty decent chain of islands to play on even without the ocean ruins nearby. If players choose to do so they can swim over to the ocean ruins or stay on the two islands, there's also a mesa nearby which is great for making colorful creations in survival mode. This is a pretty cool Minecraft seed.