Minecraft Plains Seeds

Minecraft plains seeds are one of the most common in the game. These Minecraft seeds are generally green flatland with a lot of tall grass. Animals seem to be more common in plains when compared to some of the other environments in Minecraft.

All Minecraft plains seeds:

It's generally not very hard to find some plains in Minecraft. There are times however where in certain Minecraft seeds plains can be almost impossible to find. These are one of the few environments that can have villages in them, and plains village seeds are some of the most elegant looking villages in the game.

It's important to start with a Minecraft plains seed for anyone looking to work with plains, or plains villages. In some cases plains are actually hard to find, so it's generally better to just start off with one. Plains are probably the most generic and basic environment in the game, and they offer a lot of benefits and a very relaxing feeling to live in them.