Minecraft PS4 Seeds

Minecraft PS4 seeds will only work on console. These Minecraft seeds are different from most of the other seeds on this website. Minecraft PC seeds, Minecraft PE seeds, and Minecraft Xbox seeds are all cross compatible except for java seeds.

With that said, here's a page all about finding awesome Minecraft PS4 seeds to play with. Almost every feature released on Minecraft PC is available on Minecraft playstation 4 seeds. Some of the best are Minecraft PS4 village seeds, Minecraft PS4 island seeds, and Minecraft PS4 jungle seeds. But there are a lot of features in Minecraft that are great for seeds, from desert temples, to strongholds, to mesas, and so on.

The seeds found here will start players near or in whatever feature or environment they're looking for. These are some great seeds for PS4 Minecraft.

All Minecraft PS4 seeds (bedrock version)