Minecraft Roofed Forest Seeds

Minecraft roofed forest seeds are where players start off near or in a roofed forest. These are the thickest and most dangerous of all the forest types. Minecraft seeds like this are very common, but are still exciting and fun to play around with.

All Minecraft Roofed Forest Seeds:

Roofed forests are one of the only places dark enough for monsters to spawn during the day. These are also the only place to find giant mushrooms, other than mushroom island seeds.

The other fun part about the Minecraft roofed forest seeds is that the trees are so thick that they can easily be used to make cool tree houses. Maybe not as good as jungle trees, but definitely good anyway. Roofed forests are surprisingly fun and exciting and a little bit scary. These are one of the most exciting places to explore out of all the basic environments in Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.11.2 roofed forest seeds

Horse taming Minecraft roofed forest seed with village

This is a really fun Minecraft roofed forest seed. Players start next to a village and a roofed forest. There's a blacksmith in the village that has a saddle and plenty of horses near the village.

The roofed forest element of this Minecraft seed is relatively small. There's not a whole lot of roofed forest to explore, but it's hopefully enough. The main bonus to this Minecraft roofed forest seed is that players start with a village, a lake, and the ability to tame horses. It's a unique and interesting roofed forest seed for Minecraft.