Minecraft swampland village seed 1.15.1 on massive island

We've found a Minecraft 1.15.1 swampland village seed on a massive island. So that makes this a Minecraft 1.15.1 island seed and a Minecraft 1.15.1 seed with a swamp village. 

The seed is: 1800428551636595714

The coordinates of the village are (X300 by Z-350) which is really close to the starting point of this Minecraft seed . The whole place is one gigantic island surrounded by ocean . This is one of the largest Minecraft island seeds we've ever seen. There are only temperate biomes on this island and a lot of birch forests.

The village is halfway in the swamp, which makes this as close to a swamp village as anyone is ever going to find. If anyone was looking for a village in a swamp then you found one of the best Minecraft seeds.