Minecraft underground farming village seed 1.11.2

This is a great Minecraft village seed. Players start off right next to a big 1.11.2 village seed with a farm that's under the ground! This village has holes and valleys all around it for some reason. There's also a decent amount of trees to use for wood, even though this is not in a forest.

The seed is: 374895170166567283

One of the best benefits of this village is the great access and view of the ocean. On top of that there's a blacksmith that has an iron helmet and an iron chestpiece in this Minecraft 1.11.2 seed.

This Minecraft seed is a little tricky actually. While the village is right next to the start, it's actually just out of view over the hill, so it might seem like there's nothing at the start. It's there though, right next to the start in this awesome seed for Minecraft.