Minecraft Water Temple Seeds

Minecraft water temple seeds are where players start next to these unique underwater temples. These Minecraft seeds are only found in ocean-like waters, usually near an island seed.

All Minecraft water temple seeds:

Water Temples are unique underwater structures that are correctly referred to as ocean monuments. These places are full of fish monsters that are extremely dangerous. In each of these temples is 8 blocks of gold which are an excellent way to acquire gold, which is a rare resource in Minecraft.

Another great part about the Minecraft ocean monument seeds is that they're really cool looking. Sadly they're underwater, which makes them hard to see. The best part is the free gold, and the fish monsters. Water temples are a unique and exciting feature in Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.11.2 water temple seeds

Minecraft water temple island seed 1.11.2

This is a pretty cool Minecraft water temple seed. This is also a Minecraft island seed, as are most ocean monument seeds. The island is pretty laid back and easy to survive on, and there's easy access to an ocean monument. Be careful of the monsters in the temple while looking for the gold blocks.

There's a continent nearby to swim to, and there are other islands nearby as well. The starting island is a great place to grow wheat and apples. It's a pretty fun place to live.