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Warpath game / app wiki

Warpath is the newest game from Lillith games, the maker of AFK Arena, among other games. Warpath is a real time strategy game set in an alternate World War 2 universe. This game released officially on November 10th, 2020.

In Warpath players build a base, upgrade troops, unlock troops, play through a campaign, join alliances, explore, fight the evil Raven army, and so much more. There are countless hours that can be spent playing this game for anyone who enjoys it.

Warpath Guides

This is where we put all the guides for Warpath that we make, from how to get free gold in Warpath, to how to get more building materials in Warpath. This section is for any tips, tricks, or tutorials for the Warpath game / app.

Current guides:

Warpath Campaign levels

This section is where we'll walk you through all the levels of the Warpath campaign. There's a list of all the levels and guides  / walkthroughs of most of them along with some tips and tricks to help make the levels easier to beat.

Warpath officers list

The list of Warpath officers is where we catalogue all the different officers you can get in Warpath. There are a lot of them and they each offer their own unique skills and stat bonuses for the army. Also different officers have different strengths when it comes to doing officer missions, which are how you level up camp rank.

Warpath Unit list

The list of all Warpath units is where we keep up with all the different types of units you can get in Warpath. To get more units you need to complete campaign missions and use universal coupons at the armament chest broker to unlock new units. They range from three start to five star with five star Warpath units being the best in the game.

Warpath Buildings list

We have a list of Warpath buildings where you can see all the different buildings in the game and how much it costs to upgrade each level of them. Also what each level gives you and what each extension of the building does for you as well.

Warpath Missions

The Warpath missions sections is where we explain all the missions, how to do them, and what each type does. If you're looking for tips on how to do your missions better or what missions and camp rank do, then the Warpath missions section is what you're looking for.

Warpath Cheats

Looking for cheat codes for Warpath? It's unlikely there are any serious cheats of exploits of Warpath like you would see in a singleplayer game, but there are a lot of tricks you can use to get more for less when playing Warpath. Our Warpath cheats list has all the cheats for the game that we find, or that other people find for the game / app.