How to get more war money, steel, and oil in Warpath game / app

We've made a Warpath guide on how to get more resources.  Steel, war money, and oil are the backbone of research in Warpath, as well as getting goods from the black market. The million dollar question is how to get more of these vital resources.

There are a few main ways to get more such as collection convoys, missions, and scouting the fog. You'll also find a lot of smaller ways to obtain some extra resources as well.

First up, we've made a YouTube video guide showing the different ways to get resources in Warpath:

Using collection convoys to get resources in Warpath

This is by far the best way to get war money, oil, and steel in Warpath. Collection convoys can be sent to farms, mines, and oil wells to collect resources. You should have your collection convoys out collecting resources at all times. Also you can recall them at any time, even if they're not done collecting, and they'll bring back what they've collected so far.

You can get more collection convoys from the research center. The industry tab has pathways to get more collection convoys and to make it so you can collect from higher level sites. The sooner you research all this the better.

Missions are a good way to get free resources in Warpath

Missions almost always give random resources upon completion. This excludes officer missions, those don't give resources.

Daily missions are the best type of mission for getting resources, which is great because you can repeat them every single day. The reward boxes for doing daily missions give a ton of resources, so be sure to do your daily missions every single day.

Scouting the fog gives resource supply boxes

When you discover abandoned warehouses, plane wrecks, ship wrecks, and fishing boats, they often give resources. What you may not realize however is that these resources are not immediately given to you. Instead these resources get put in your supplies tab and are given to you when you open them. If you've never realized this then you could have hundreds or maybe even thousands of resources boxes that could get you millions and millions of resources.

Use your airdrops for free resources

Airdrops usually give 250k of a random resource. You get more of these when upgrading your base. You should use your airdrops as soon as you get them or else you'll lose the ones you get since they don't stack indefinitely.

VIP daily rewards give free resources too

As you level up your VIP levels you get more and more free resources every day. These come in the form of those supply boxes that you'll have to manually open from your supplies tab. Getting your VIP to max level will get you a decent bit of resources every single day, just another reason to level up VIP as quickly as possible.

The black market offers resources for a price

The black market gives the basic resources, you can pay with gold, or you can trade another resource. Trading war money for oil, for example, will always net you more of what you're buying than what you're spending. If you have big stockpiles of resources you should trade these every single refresh of the black market to get a net gain in total resources.

Events also tend to give you resources in Warpath

Always keep up with the random events going on in Warpath. Not only can you get free resources from doing them, you can usually get free Warpath gold too.

These are most of the ways to consistently get resources in Warpath. If you're looking for more war money, steel, and oil, then you should look to these tips and tricks for getting more resources in Warpath.