Warpath game / app building materials guide

Here's a Warpath guide where we explain all the ways to collect building materials in Warpath. There are also strategies for producing materials more efficiently, allowing you get more of what you need throughout the day or night.

Building materials can be obtained from raven field batallions at the cost of energy. You can also produce building materials. They can be found from abandoned warehouses, plane wrecks, and fishing boats as well. Sometimes missions or events might give building materials as well.

For starters, here's our YouTube video showing you everything you need to know:

Get more building materials in Warpath from the black market

This is probably the most reasonable way to get extra building materials in Warpath. Check the black market as often as you can and at least buy building materials that you can purchase with resources like oil or money. If you want to spend gold, that's on you, but you can at least get some free building materials with your resources multiple times per day.

Find Warpath building materials by scouting the mist

Another great way to get bulding materials in Warpath is by scouting the mist as frequently as possible. Often when scouting the mist your pilots will find abandoned warehouses, fishing boats, and plane wrecks. Warehouses usually have wood and bricks, whereas plane wrecks always have cement. If you scout as often as you can throughout the day you'll find yourself with a decent bit of extra building materials.

The Warpath alliance store has building materials

If you've joined an alliance you'll find there's an alliance store you can access. You can obtain these points by contributing to the tech research for the alliance. Building materials can be purchased with the points if you choose to spend them like that. It's not the wisest use of alliance points, but if you really need another few building materials to complete a big upgrade it might be worth it.

Defeating Raven Battalions for Warpath building materials

This is the most basic way of getting building materials. You slowly regenerate energy as time passes and every 10 energy allows you to pick up one resource drop from a raven battalion. You wan to attack the highest level battalion for the resource that you want to make sure you get the maximum resources possible for your energy.

Using the Warpath engineering center more efficiently

This is the most important Warpath building materials tip. When you're going to be playing Warpath actively, put wood and bricks on the queue because they get done fast. Then as you're playing keep putting more and more of these building materials on the queue and make the mfor as long as you're going to be playing. As soon as you take a break from the game for an hour or more then cancel the queue and swap it out with a higher level materials like cement, i-beams, and so on. When you're going to go to bed, before you go to bed put the longest queue time material you can make onto the production queue so that the entire time you're sleeping the engineering center will be producing something.

If you follow these best practices you can get building materials out much more effectively. If you follow all of the tricks from this Warpath building materials guide then you'll find yourself leveling up much faster.