Warpath game / app free gold guide

We've made a Warpath guide detailing all the different ways we've discovered so far for getting free gold in Warpath. There are a few different easy ways, some one time shots of free gold, and consistent daily gold rewards. Getting free gold is easy in the beginning and gets harder later on, but it's easy to get a certain amount of free Warpath gold every day with daily missions and so on.

Beginners gold farming guide for Warpath

To start things off, we made a short video that explains the very earliest, and most simple ways, to get free gold in Warpath. As you scout the mist with planes, you'll sometimes discover plunder which has varying amounts of gold each time, ranging from we think around 20 all the way to 200. Those numbers are not confirmed, but it's in that range.

Missions are also a way to obtain gold, especially daily missions, which we'll explain in detail further down in this article. Another important place to watch is your inbox. Sometimes there are special messages and offers in your system inbox that give free gold, for example, one time the server went down for a little while and they gave everyone 1,000 free gold to their inbox to make up for the server issues.

Watch the video below for more on the easiest way for new players to get free Warpath gold. Then keep scrolling to find out how to get more gold in Warpath without paying money.

How to get free Warpath gold from missions

In warpath there's a system of missions. Some are one time missions, and others are daily missions. The daily missions are a great source of free Warpath gold. Go to the missions tab, on the bottom left of the screen third button up when looking at your base, and then at the bottom go to daily missions. This section gives you simple missions to do every day. The more missions you do, the more rewards you unlock at the top. Doing just a few missions unlocked a chest that gives 100 free gold, but if you do enough daily missions to unlock the final reward box every day that will get you 500 free Warpath gold every single day. By keeping up on your daily missions you can get 600 Warpath gold for free, each day.

You also get free gold from leveling up in Warpath

Another source of free gold worth mentioning is increasing your commander level. Every time you level up this way you net some free rewards, including a few hundred gold. To increase your commander level you have to upgrade and extend buildings, that is the only way to level up.

Defeat stronger Raven troops to get free Warpath gold

Every time you defeat a higher level Raven troop you get a one time shot of free gold in Warpath. So if the strongest Raven field battalion that you've destroyed is level 7, then when you find and defeat a level 8 battalion you'll get a one time shot of gold sent to your inbox, as well as some free resources and supplies. 

Special Warpath events give free gold too

Often times at the top right you'll see notifications for events. There will be various events throughout the year and you can do certain objectives to complete events which will often give you gold. Sometimes you can get a lot of gold from these events, or even get gold multiple days in a row, depending on the event. Be sure to check up with them to get free Warpath event gold.

Camp promotions using camp rank give free Warpath gold

Once you hit level 12 you unlock officer missions and camp ranks. Doing officer missions gives you camp experience which you can use to level up your camp rank. This is done in the system tab, there you can find camp ranks. Every time you rank up one of the three camps you get one time burst of gold. This is another way to collect free Warpath gold.

Attacking major Raven bases gives more free Warpath gold

In Raven territory you'll find major compounds like military storage zones. These major hubs require your alliance to defeat and are quite powerful. If your alliance manages to defeat them every member gets a massive reward, including a large sum of gold. This is another source of free gold in Warpath that can be a very fun late-game objective for your alliance.

Those are the main ways of how to get free gold in Warpath

We listed every way we've found so far on ways to get free gold in Warpath. If we find any more noteworthy ways to get free gold in Warpath we will come back and update this list. If you found another way to get free gold, feel free to go to the YouTube video and comment about it there and we may notice. Now you have a lot of ways to collect gold for free in the new Warpath game / app.