Ichiban Kasuga - Yakuza: Like a Dragon wiki

Ichiban Kasuga is the main character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He's aggressive, impulsive, and much smarter than he or anyone around him realizes. His flamboyant nature often overshadows his more charming qualities.

According to the game profiles:

"Former member of the Tojo Clan's Arakawa Family. Because of his passionate dedication to Masumi Arakawa, Kasuga agreed to take the fall for Sawashiro's crimes. He then spent the next eighteen years of his life in prison. Upon his release, Kasuga learned the Tojo Clan has dissolved and Kamurocho is now controlled by the Omi Alliance, a faction from the Kansai region. Apparently the Tojo were betrayed by Arakawa, who now dons the Omi Alliance emblem. Shocked by this devastating news, Kasuga is now on a mission to confirm the truth of it."

Ichiban is usually a melee oriented playable character, but it also depends on his current job. His unique job is Freelancer, which involves fisticuff combat. He can also change jobs to; hero, bodyguard, host, breaker, foreman, musician, chef, enforcer, and fortuneteller.