Yakuza: Like a Dragon freelancer job has a purpose

We made a guide to show you the Yakuza: Like a Dragon freelancer class actually does something. A lot of people wonder things like can freelancer equip weapons in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, or is it ever good?

The truth is that the freelancer job cannot equip weapons, ever. Also the freelancer job is generally a bad class that doesn't do very much damage.

So then how could the freelancer job be good? Well the simple answer is, that it's not, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a purpose. If you're trying to get as strong as possible Yakuza: Like a Dragon, especially if you want to do new game plus, then leveling up free lancer is in your best interest.

The reason for this is that any time you level up a job class in Yakuza: Like a Dragon it periodically gives characters permanent stat boosts. So if you level up freelancer to max level, all those permanent stat boosts will stick with Kasuga even when he switches to other jobs. 

Freelancer gives a lot of agility. So if having Kasuga attack super often sounds appealing, then you may want to level up Freelancer in yakuza: Like a Dragon.