Yakuza: Like a Dragon Playable Characters

Here is a list of playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. There are seven playable characters in total, including Ichiban Kasuga. All of these characters are given to you no matter what as you progress through the story except for one: Eri Kamataki. This last party member is obtained by playing the business management minigame.

Each of these characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. As for jobs, all of these characters have a unique job and all the rest are the same for all other party members of the same gender. The female characters and male characters have different jobs that can choose between.

All playable characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon:

yakuza like a dragon ichiban kasuga.jpgIchiban Kasuga yakuza like a dragon Koichi Adachi.jpgKoichi Adachi yakuza like a dragon Nanba.jpgNanba yakuza like a dragon Saeko Mukoda.jpgSaeko Mukoda
yakuza like a dragon Joon-gi Han.jpgJoon-gi Han yakuza like a dragon Tianyou Zhao.jpgTianyou Zhao yakuza like a dragon Eri Kamataki.jpgEri Kamataki