Yakuza: Like a Dragon Sotenbori battle arena guide

This Yakuza like a dragon guide is for the sotenbori battle arena. You can access the battle arena shortly after reaching the Sotenbori arc of the main story. The game will actually force you to go here in order to advance the story further.

The battle arena can be found at the following location in Sotenbori:

yakuza like a dragon sotenbori battle arena map.jpg

Here you can meet the robot at the entrance. Once you enter the battle arena, you progress through increasingly difficult battles. If you leave or get defeated then you have to restart at the lowest level when you go back in.

The battle arena in Yakuza like a Dragon is a great place to farm yen, rare items, and experience. If you find yourself unable to beat the part of the story that comes right after this, then head back to the arena and give it a go.

The biggest tip for this is to have Kasuga guard when it's a strong single target enemy. If you get to the round with the backhoe, Kasuga should be guarding at all times so he doesn't get one shot, unless you have him so high level that he has 700 health or more.

Before battling in the arena, you should go to a bunch of different stores and buy full stocks of all the little items that heal for small amounts of HP and MP. These items are cheap and you can heal all you want between rounds. To conserve your bigger healing items you should be using small healing items between rounds to bring you back up to full HP and MP if you need it.

Each round of the battle arena there's always a second goal, if you meet that goal then you get an additonal rare item. Some rounds the items are not rare at all, but other times the items are very rare. You can even get an item here that will get rid of all random enemy counters on the streets.

That's the gist of the battle arena in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.