Yakuza: Like a Dragon urinator location

If you're wondering where is the Urinator in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, look no further. This Yakuza: Like a Dragon guide will show you where to find the Urinator.

This is part of a side story quest near the homeles camp that can be acquired very early into the game. The quest can be obtained at the following location, and the urinator can be found right around the same location:

yakuza like a dragon urinator map.jpg

After you take the quest, trying going far away and coming back. Maybe even take a taxi and then taxi back. If the urinator still doesn't appear, try coming back later, maybe go do part of the story first. He should appear here though if you reset the zone by going far enough away and then returning. This is how to get the Urinator in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.